About Us

Malvanite - The Creek House!!!

A travel diary is incomplete without a place where your thoughts and body merge with the tranquility of the surrounding. A good host is not just a manager he is a reflection in person of this place which holds your imagination to awe. You will find that place here to tick that box on your travel diary.

Beach, sand, shells, sunrise, sunset, moon rise, hammock, fort, fish world and delicious food all under a clear blue sky. Experience a whole new idea of spending your vacation in Malvan. We are simple Malvan loving people helping our guests to enjoy our nature's beauty and experience breath taking moments this heavenly place has to offer.

It’s a simple yet classy space for one and all types of travelers who wish to find solace near a creek with good food and comfortable stay. The owners are young and fresh with buzzing creativity and have taken all efforts to make your time memorable!

There are many places to spend a vacation in the coastal village of Devbaug. Malvanite is one of a kind. Since it is carefully placed and architecturally planned to absorb the maximum of Mother Nature. All premium rooms have a balcony that opens up on the Devbaug creek of the Karli river. The dance of the tides will surely entice every tourist to venture in the creek’s soothing waters. Anyone can walk a few steps in the evening to watch a sunset but waking up early to watch a sunrise is always a drag. At Malvanite you just need to pull the curtains aside while in bed to witness a dawn around our coconut trees.

There is one dormitory which would look like it’s a little misplaced, but that ensures the wild party animals of having an uninterrupted session away from the quirky family audience. A roof top chaarpai setting with assorted lighting and tables is ideal to host a leisurely dinner or retirement party or a dancing night. The speakers don’t pack too many decibels to crack your ear drums but are certainly good enough to start tapping your feet. So that’s how we care for your fun. The blend of nature and self doesn’t need to be loud but still and tasty.

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